being thankful / being thanked for

I like, no I love being part of creations. I love feeling that my contributions made a difference in a work in progress. Bringing a project closer to completion. Giving new perspectives and maybe help clarify situations or reactions. Transforming an idea into a story, regardless how the story is told, is something beautiful and fascinating. Being part of this transformation makes me happy.

Another, not unrelated, part of being thankful or being thanked for is to create a golden environment. A context in which people feel good about themselves and others and all the beauty shines through, even if something sad or stressful happened before. There is always a way to see that life is ok. Sometimes it takes time and it almost always needs the right people. It feels damned good to be the person that gets to spend time with the golden people and to be golden for someone else sometimes is gorgeous. That sounds very hippy dippy but at the end of the day, especially if that day was really shitty, what could be better than someone being there making life a bit better.

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