20 Fresh Resources for Developers and Designers May 2017

There are certain website development tools that are released every month by the developer community. These tools are really a boon for those website developers who are constantly in search of the best web development tools in order to make their websites look attractive. With the changing times the internet has also changed a lot, now every single day new apps, plugins etc are introduced that are better than their older versions. In such a scenario it becomes compulsory for the designers and developer to keep an eye on the latest website designing and development tools.

If you are a designer or a developer who are looking for Fresh Resources for Developers and Designers May 2017 then check out this list. The May 2017 edition includes variety of new plugins, testing tools, frameworks, productivity apps, JavaScript libraries etc. The internet is filled with various resources for designers and developers these days but picking up the best tool as per requirement is quite a task. But you need not worry as here we have listed some latest fresh resources for developers and designers which will help you big time. Here we go:

World Weather Online, the weather data provider that we’re working with, has changed its terms of service and will suspend free API signups. As of April 5th, WWO will no longer issue free API keys, thus new customers can only use this plugin with a premium subscription. Current users with already registered API keys will not be affected, the plugin will continue to work as before. We’re currently looking into this situation and try to find a way to offer a solution without additional costs.

Pixie is a photo editing & manipulation application. It is perfect for integration into other projects or personal and other use. Unlike other similar products it is built with html5 and javascript and not outdated technologies like flash. This makes Pixie future-proof, allows for much better performance and cross-device compatibility.

HTML Builder is a nifty little Javascript application which allows end-users to easily compose custom HTML designs using pre-defined HTML elements. The HTML Builder script comes with several sample HTML elements (the ones as displayed in the live demo), however the script really shines when used with your own custom HTML elements!

Vagrant provides the same, easy workflow regardless of your role as a developer, operator, or designer. It leverages a declarative configuration file which describes all your software requirements, packages, operating system configuration, users, and more.


mini.css aims to provide as much functionality as possible in less than 7KB gzipped. This very small footprint means that your websites and web applications will load faster, while still looking great utilising the modern components we provide!

PHP Coding Standard Fixer

The PHP Coding Standards Fixer tool fixes most issues in your code when you want to follow the PHP coding standards as defined in the PSR-1 and PSR-2 documents and many more.

If you are already using a linter to identify coding standards problems in your code, you know that fixing them by hand is tedious, especially on large projects. This tool does not only detect them, but also fixes them for you.

Katana Framework

katana is a framework written in python for making penetration testing, based on a simple and comprehensive structure for anyone to use, modify and share, the goal is to unify tools serve for professional when making a penetration test or simply as a routine tool, The current version is not completely stable, is recommended update ever that you use it.


NW.js is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. You can write native apps in HTML and JavaScript with NW.js. It also lets you call Node.js modules directly from the DOM and enables a new way of writing native applications with all Web technologies.


Go! AOP is a modern aspect-oriented framework in plain PHP with rich features for the new level of software development. The framework allows cross-cutting issues to be solved in the traditional object-oriented PHP code by providing a highly efficient and transparent hook system for your exisiting code.


LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool. It is written in Python and uses Qt for its graphical interface. Annotations are saved as XML files in PASCAL VOC format, the format used by ImageNet.

Json WebContainer

JSON Web Container is an addition for Jasonette that allows you to take HTML/JavaScript/CSS and turn them into a native component. And with a single JSON markup. Just take the entire HTML markup and wrap it with JSON markup.


Chassis is a virtual machine configuration that is designed to build around WordPress ecosystem such as the Themes and Plugins. It will enable you to visually manage Chassis installations. At the time of writing, Chassis is still in the development phase, but it will be released soon.


Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions.


Rascal is a programming language; such that meta programs can be created by, understood by, and debugged by programmers. Rascal primitives include immutable data, context-free grammars and algebraic data-types, relations, relational calculus operators, advanced patterns matching, generic type-safe traversal, comprehensions, concrete syntax for objects, lexically scoped backtracking, and string templates for code generation. It has libraries for integrating language front-ends, for reusing analysis algorithms, for getting typed meta-data out of version management systems, for interactive visualization, etc.

Buffer Slayer

buffer-slayer is tool that buffers requests and send them in batch, of which sender supports batch operation. Such as Spring-JdbcTemplate(batchUpdate), Redis(pipeline). It has a queue that allows multiple producers to send to, and it is also limited so to keep application away from Overflowing. Also there is a buffer that has a fixed size of which content is send to consumer. The buffer will send data when it is full or a specific timeout is reached whichever comes first.


ComicBubbles is a JavaScript HTML5 canvas library which simplifies the process of adding speech bubbles to photos. ComicBubbles bubbles can be saved as JavaScript objects or merged with the original image.

Wayback Machine Downloader

Tree Time

Tired of trying to organise your data in spread sheets? Use trees instead. TreeTime is a time planner, to-do list manager, test report tool, project manager, family ancestry editor, mind-mapping tool, etc. Using TreeTime you can categorise and organise your data items in tree structures. You can define several trees at the same time, each with a different structure, but on the same data.You can use functions (calculate sums, ratios and means) recursively up the branches of a tree.


CSS Grid is the next big thing that will change how we arrange layout and use grid frameworks to build website. However, given the complexity, using CSS Grid might be overwhelming for some users. In such a case, this handy web application, Griddy, can be very helpful in learning CSS Grid.


Slinky is a Sketch plugin that allows you to export Sketch artboards as ready–to–send HTML e-mail templates. Slinky is currently in the active development stage, however, there are still a few things that are rough on the edges. Slinky will automatically export image and icon assets, but you need to individually mark them as Exportable.

Originally published at www.dzineship.com on May 17, 2017.

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