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Hello Amanda,

hoax maybe? but you get the point.

This is Peter Hedgemont,

Peter was diagnosed with cancer, yet he refused to believe he had cancer.

Peter died on TV.

Do not be like Peter.

I too would like to live in a world where racism and sexism did not exist. I believe this is the utopia all empathetic people look forward to. In the mean time we have to deconstruct the dystopia aka REALITY we live in today.

Reality is that the details matter. The fact that headliners read “first woman/ black appointed to lead any role” and the world celebrates that “victory” only asserts that there is still an imbalance.


“I am not a feminist. Being a feminist says I want special treatment for being a woman.

I’m grappling with how one can stand for or against something one cannot define. Asking for special treatment is not what feminism is.