A Programme for Government

by Tom Burke

A 10 point programme for government that will put the environment to work for the economy.

1. Drive down energy bills for every family in Britain permanently.

2. Reduce the costs to the NHS of environmental pollution.

3. Incentivise every family and community in Britain to take more control over its own energy security.

4. Invest in the low carbon infrastructure necessary to allow Britain to make full use of its abundant renewable energy resources.

5. Make driving cheaper and cleaner for everyone by accelerating the deployment of electric cars.

6. Recycle the revenues from the carbon support price to finance the public expenditure part of this programme.

7. Provide a safe and ethical home for everyone’s savings.

8. Build low carbon, affordable social housing in the places where people live.

9. Grant cities and regions more powers, and more control of the budgets for, economic development, public service provision and spatial planning.

10. Create a strong Department of Natural Resources.

The full essay can be read on the E3G website here.

We would love to hear your comments/thoughts on the programme.

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