Five to Start

Every day, we hear from members and activists across the state asking, “What can I do to protect our environment against the threats from D.C.?”

Our response is simple: commit to at least one action, every week, for the rest of this year. It can be something as significant as scheduling meetings with your state legislators and attending a rally, to something as simple as making a phone call and sending a tweet.

Our Action Center is a great place to start — — where you can send emails, sign petitions, and contact your legislators on Facebook and Twitter. In order to ratchet up advocacy during this particularly critical time, here is our ask of you today: set aside five minutes and make five phone calls. Here are several to choose from:

Calls are easy! They will take about 30 seconds each; the person who takes your message will likely ask for your name and address. Shoot us an email at if you hear anything interesting!

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