3 Alternative Desserts for Your Wedding

Ok, so I know the traditional dessert for weddings is the cake! We all love cake, and getting see the bride and groom cut it! But how old is that tradition? Why do we even do it?

Well there have been many different versions of this tradition, including breaking bread over the bride’s head, to building a wedding cake so high then making the couple kiss over it. It used to not even be a cake, it would be pie, called the bride’s pie. Until somewhat recently, it was only the bride that cut the cake. But because the cakes kept growing, she literally could not cut the cake by herself. Hence the tradition of both the groom and the bride cutting the cake was born. Cool right?

If you want to learn more about the history click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_cake

Well today, brides think a little differently. Some don’t even have cakes anymore. Here are some alternatives if you choose to not have a cake at your own wedding:

1.) Cupcakes!!

Ok, it’s still a cake…but it’s in cup form! This is a great idea if you can’t decided on what cake you want. You can decided on different types of cupcakes, and get a bunch of them. They are cute and easily decorated!

2.) Pastry Tower

Can’t decide on what dessert to get? Well have a variety at your wedding. You can create a tower or display of different desserts varying from cookies, to eclairs, to even flaun. This way you can please everyone and yourself!

3.) S’mores

This is a great one for the kids! You can set up a little smores section and let your guests have at it! Super fun, and great for someone on a budget!

These are just some ways to be creative at your wedding! There are plenty of other alternatives, just let your imagination flow! Or you know, there is pinterest. :P

Have a great week everyone!

-EBC Weddings

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