Who We Are at EBC Weddings

We are a collective of extremely talented cinematographers, editors & gear-heads with a love & passion to the delicate craft of filmmaking. All of us bring a wide range of skill sets from many different backgrounds. This is what we do and love- none of us would choose any other career. This isn’t an every day job for us. It’s a livelihood. We want you to know us so you can feel confident, comfortable, & welcome in our company. Welcome to our world!

Eric Beels

President, Cinematographer

After falling in love with video editing in 2009, Eric has since worked on hundreds of different productions from commercials and TV shows to music videos & feature films. With experience in all aspects of production, he has a strong understanding of the task it takes to produce an incredible film every step of the way. Eric primarily focuses on directing & shooting his productions, as well as supervising all of the edits in post production and running EBC Weddings.

Clarence Legaspi


Clarence is a one-of-a-kind cinematographer with over 8 years video production experience. From behind the scenes photos to full scale cinematography, Clarence does it all. A master in the art of capturing beautiful, smooth shots at just the right moment. He has shot dozens of films, commercials, TV shows, and weddings. Creativity knows no bounds for Clarence.

Gregg Styles


The man who has it all! A gear head in his own right, Gregg’s passion for cinematography has him constantly getting the latest & greatest in technological advancements. As a former carpenter, he also has strong skill sets to create & build his own custom production rigs to get the best possible shot. Being a family man & married for over 32 years, he is one who cherishes the beauty of marriage & is one who would be more than happy to share with you what it takes in order to have a marriage work.

Amber Hirmas

Editor, Marketing Supervisor

The queen of the crew, Amber is an astounding editor & marketer. With a brilliant eye for detail & creativity, Amber’s strong passion for editing & weddings never fails. She’s been in the industry for over 2 years now and her talented ability to stitch together movies into something beautiful is unmatched. A rising star in our midst, Amber is a creative professional excelling rapidly in the wedding & film industry.

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