My imagination run wild.

My imagination run wild

Recently, I had lunch with a drug dealer. She is the TOP sales girl in my company whom I’m very impressed with and after our lunch, I started to think very deeply into something. And again linking back to how unbelievable that incident could have happened. she is a very interesting lady with many opinions that most women don’t have. That’s probably the reason why the healthcare professionals like her so much and continued to support her more than a decade. Not everyone can accept her ideas and opinions but for me, I see her open mindedness as her strength and I’m practising it too.

Let’s call her KR, the person whom I like to catch up with occasionally to brighten myself up. We would meet each other coincidentally at the lift lobby and agree to go lunch together in an impromptu manner. There’s no specific topic for us to talk about in most instances which makes us at ease over lunch. There is no particular reason why we should know each other because we are from different business unit doing different things. As my work station is next to the side door, she is one of those kind soul that would greet me twice a day in the morning and evening. (Actually I don’t appreciate greetings as it takes away my attention from my focus and i waste 10min getting back to where I stop). So how did we become close acquaintance ? She wrote an email to me when I was in HK telling me that she would like to get away for a while and wonder if she could put up at my place. Honestly, it didn’t took me Long to consider and agree to her request (though I don’t know her well enough). My consideration was that she is female which is appropriate to stay together and I needed a companion in a foreign land. Furthermore, I feel good doing others favours within my means. By the end of her stay, I was quite sure that i made another new friend and learnt from her life experiences.

One thing I couldn’t believe is that she is still a bachelorette. She is definitely not the Super TOP model sales girl in my organisational but she possess charisma in her own way. We talked about many things in life including her personal preference on men which sounded very reasonable to me. When I asked about her chances of hooking up cute healthcare providers in her area of work, I was surprised to know that those whom are not taken are gays. She quoted examples and experience that she encountered that astonished me at the beginning. I paused and took some time to analyse her comments after our lunch and conclude that actually it is happening everywhere around me too.

I recalled not Long ago, a close relative of mine announced that he is not straight and raised many concerns from the seniors. As I’m open about such things and acted like norm, I found out more about his feelings and the community that keeps them together. Apparently, digital has brought relationships of all kinds closer than before. We could turn on the app and get linked up with the right “partner”.

I’m starting to think again very deeply if my “silly self-illusion” encounter has anything to do with the app that connect to him.

It takes me a while to post this as I’m still struggling to understand if my senses are right.

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