Fully integrated destination and moving services in Zurich

Ellen Baur & Partner, the oldest relocation company in Zurich and in Switzerland and now part of the GR Mobility Group, proposes fully integrated destination and moving services in Zurich.

In 2017, transferring staff, regardless of the number, will be more complexe than ever due to increasing immigration laws, transportation regulations, short term business needs and, as always, the expectation to adapt rapidly to a new environment.

« Our mobility professionals have been expatriates, so we know exactly the mix of stress »

This is why Ellen Baur & Partner, composed of mobility professionals with extensive experience in home finding, settling-in programs, spouse-partner support and cultural orientation programs, propose fully integrated services to the beneficiaries to rapidly become efficient in their new job. Our mobility professionals have been expatriates, so we know exactly the mix of stress, excitement, worries and emotions that occurs when moving abroad.

We can significantly reduce the stress, worries and emotions and give place to more fun, excitement and enjoy the opportunity to moving to Switzerland. And that goes to HR staff members that have to manage the transferee as well ! Result will be a more rapid integration of the transferee and a quicker return on investment for the company.

Write to me or give me a call to set-up an appointment that will allow us to discuss you needs and how we can make 2017 the starting year of an entirely new worry-free time.

Looking forward to talking to you very soon,

Francis Docherty
Chief Commercial Officer
Ellen Baur & Partner Relocations
Zürich |Mühlebachstrasse 43 | 8008 Zürich | Switzerland
+41 (0) 799 375 964

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