GR Mobility Group of Companies

2016 has been an exceptional year for the Group both in terms of revenue growth and development.

2 majors acquisitions to strenghten our presence in Geneva (Active Relocation) and have a real footprint in Zürich (Ellen Baur). 3 major successful RFPs. 12 new staff members on board. 2016 ends up with a revenue growth over 60% and Q1 shows a 3 digit growth. 2 new departments to enlarge our scope of services : immigration and expense management.

« Our business is about Human to Human »

GR Mobility has emerged as the largest relocation service provider in the French speaking part of Switzerland and the fatest growing Swiss destination services provider. Quality & innovation remain our 2 driving factors. This is the reason why we have hired only highly experienced consultants. Our business is about Human to Human, this is our DNA. We are only as good as our consultants. This is why we want to have in our team not only the most experienced staff members but the ones who share our values and spirit. This spirit that makes us unique. At least this is what we believe and drives us.

« Many of us are more capable than some of us . . . but none of us is as capable as all of us » Tom Wilson

Enjoy your week !

Pierre Jéronimo
President & CEO at GR Mobility Group
President Swiss Association of Relocation Agents (SARA)
Elected EuRA Board Member - Central Region

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