Is Liberalism “The Zombie Apocalypse” ?

Let’s analyze it.

The disease usually manifests as low-grade, early-onset hypoandrogenism, but in most cases it’s tolerable. You can tell just by their skin tone, meekness and physical weakness, they sort of just go where the globalist puppet masters pull them. Not much strength in conviction. Some are more vacuous than others, but my determination is that most Leftists are merely vessels for propaganda. They’re useful talking heads for a dying, hyperbolic ideology. Some of the smarter ones serve as weapons of that ideology, and some are now fully controlled by their overlords, communicating the disease. But most, I’d say, if they can be kept from being vocal outside their echochambers, will accomplish little and eventually wither.

I surmise that most leftists require mediated reality delivery systems (aka; mainstream news). The mediated reality subsumes Leftists, rearranging their schemata. Once their perceptual frameworks have been distorted, many Leftists begin projecting. This is why they often accuse their adversaries of doing what their own overlords have done to a much higher degree (ie; interacting with Russia, being unfit, of ill temperament, coercive, manipulative, illegal, unethical, immoral, etc). This is also why Leftists simply do not relate to the general people outside the echochambers. In many cases, Leftists truly do inhabit mediated realities in order to maintain the denial mechanism.

The denial mechanism in Leftists is probably the most alarming. As this denial mechanism becomes more dysfunctional, Leftists become extremely vociferous and volatile. Although in small numbers they are easily manageable, in larger populations, Leftists can pose a considerable threat (simply due to irrationality). They may attack unexpectedly, employing tactics such as ambush and cornering to intimidate the single, most immediate adversary. In all cases, Leftists will claim their provocations are warranted. They will cite mediated reality. Largely discredited, highly co-opted media reality. They will deny any wrongdoing.

When Leftists deny, they deny with all their power. Again, this is possibly the most significant symptom of the disease. Leftists deny unconsciously. In most cases, they have developed comorbid coping mechanisms. In all cases, said mechanisms are highly maladaptive. Leftists will deny anything outside their mediated reality, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Despite real-world events. Such as factual realities and mediated mendacities (election results, skewed polls, independently-determined biases, etc.). Seemingly, Leftists will continue to cite mediated reality as the totality of experience and meaning.

This is why mainstream media must be destroyed. This delivery system ultimately disseminates the disease. If it can be effectively reduced, the disease will exist in only pockets, contained to diseased echochambers, aka “quarantine zones” that can be tracked and measured at all times by the CDC. Hopefully we can arrive at this point fast.