Siberian Freshmen Dr. Suessing It!

The following pieces were written by Freshmen majoring in Linguistics at Novosibirsk State University. After reading a couple of books by Dr. Seuss I asked them to write a poem in that style. The results reminded me of the universality of childhood, the glories of a good high school education that makes you bi-lingual by University, and the omnipresence of the forest in Siberia.

  1. The Monster Under Your Bed by Karina Epova
  2. About a Bear by Dina Serkeshbaeva
  3. Be Careful Where You Walk by Masha Kaplina
  4. A Deer Without Fear by Vlada Chokhar
  5. The Black Goat by Eva Manyilova
  6. Deep in the Forest by Katerina Fugenfirova
  7. The Lonely King or You Can’t Buy Love by Maria Rybina
  8. A Dog Named Pit by Vika Kufina
  9. Help by Elizabeth Ugoltsova
  10. Best Friends by Alexei Tsiganov
  1. The Monster Under the Bed by Karina Epova

It’s time to sleep

It’s time for dreams

Your pillow is a huge blue sheep

So cute and curvy
 So soft and gentle

You can lay here fundamental

But don’t forget

You should remember

You must me swear

That you won’t glance beneath your bed 
 Or you will be taken instead

By someone CRUEL

By someone DIM

By someone DREADFUL

And by someone GRIM

No one wants to be in this dark land.

What’s going on here? You misunderstand
 Troubles and problems are everywhere
 And for this nightmare you cannot prepare

You will be forced to eat nasty food,

Like vegetables and porridge

That will give a bad mood

So pluck up your courage

Or maybe not? 
 When you will glance beneath your bed

Perhaps, you will be taken instead

By someone AMAZING

By someone KIND


And by someone BRIGHT
 I know, all want to be in this wonderland.

Where all your actions here are unplanned

There is no place for troubles

As you skip through fields of colorful bubbles

You can ride on a rainbow pony

And dive like Scrooge McDuck in money

A moral’s the poem is uncomplicated and simple

You should recognize an elementary symbol

Let’s talk about meaningful things

Like the crow without her green wings

But look at the clock, my friend! It’s too late

For discussing the shaggy turtle’s fate

It’s time to sleep

It is bedtime

So close your eyes and


2. About a Bear by Dina Serkeshbaeva

This is a story of a bear

That wanted to travel everywhere

That wanted to know everything

And stop the time until he could do these things

Before it gets cold enough

Before it gets dark enough

That he cannot see what lies above.

And he started his journey right where he was

To explore the whole world with his big paws.

Once he met a snake that crawled under the tree

And asked her what’s her dream

She said, “Oh, it’s quite simple, little boy,

I want to fly like all these birds

I want to have wings and touch the sky

That is so blue and so high!”

And she vanished under the tree

Where the bear couldn’t see.

The other day he met a little bird

That was building a nest for her chicks.

He asked her the same question

She said, “Oh, it’s quite simple, little bear,

I want to swim like a fish

To explore the ocean and reach its bottom

That is so deep and so dark!”

And she flew far far away

And the bear couldn’t stay.

Then he met a fish

That was caught by a net

And asked her the question

She said, “Oh, it’s quite simple, little paw,

I want to have legs

To walk through the world

That is so big and so complex!”

The little bear released her

And sat in front of the ocean

He thought about what happened

And was very pleased

That he could swim and run and fly

(With his father’s copter, but still).

And you my little friend

Can be happy right now too.

3. Be Careful Where You Walk by Masha Kaplina

Go to the forest

Walk on the grass

But be careful:

Don’t step on an ant!

Because the ant wants to live

Because the ant wants to eat

Because the ant doesn’t step on another ant!

Don’t step on a plant!

Because the plant wants to live

Because the plant wants to eat

Because the plant doesn’t step on the ant

And the ant doesn’t step on the plant!

And of course… if you’re kind

You won’t step on the plant and the ant!

The ant always pant

Because the ant loves our land!

And of course the plant

Loves our land

And loves each ant

Who loves to pant on the land!

And you! Love our land!

Because on our land

There are kind ant and plant

And you can pant

With your friend

Who can be the plant or the ant

And may be each ant and plant

Will be your friend on this lovely land!

4. A Deer Without Fear by Vlada Chokhar

Once in the forest
 I’ve met a deer
 And he honestly claimed
 I have no fear

What do you mean,
 My dear deer?
 How can it be
 That you live without fear
 It’s very simple
 He said to me
 Just close your eyes
 And listen to me

If I meet a wolf
 I’m saying hi
 I don’t run away
 And I don’t try to hide
 I know that he’ll stay
 And will wait for me
 So why should I 
 Get away from him
 I’ll try to convince that
 I’m not tasty at all
 But if he won’t believe
 I’m not afraid at all
 It will happen to me one day
 And if it’s that day
 I’m here, I stay
 I see him, I feel him
 I look at his eyes
 And if I am lucky
 He will save my life
 This is the scariest thing in the world
 But if you’ re not afraid

Let it go
 Let it be the way that it should
 And now You are free 
 my dear you are free

Let go all your fears to live like that
 And you will be free
 Just like me
 You will see
 You will see

5. The Black Goat by Eva Manyilova

Once I met a goat , 
 In a white coat 
 And I asked her , Goat 
 “Why are you wearing 
 a White coat ? 
 Now, it’s pretty warm 
 Are you afraid of a storm ? “ 
 “My dear friend, 
 It’s hard to explain 
 But I’ll do best I can , 
 I live here, near the curb, 
 And I have dark black fur 
 In my flock I’m a blur , 
 Other goats don’t like me 
 And my name is Marie , 
 If you come I’ll meet you with all other goats “ 
 Said the goat in a white coat. 
 But I still couldn’t understand ,

Why my new friend goat 
 In a white coat 
 With black fur 
 In her flock is like a blur .
 Next morning I came 
 And every goat told me her name :
 Sally, Kally, Molly , Polly , Dolly , Holly , Zolly , Folly 
 What I couldn’t really expect 
 And don’t really respect 
 That all other goats have a white fur.
 I wanted to talk with Molly 
 But she was actually Dolly , 
 I wanted to talk with Polly 
 But she was actually Holly 
 I wanted to talk with Zolly 
 But she was actually Folly ,

They were identical to me 
 It was difficult to identify them for me

And I said to the goat 
 “ You shouldn’t wear your white coat 
 Why are you so sad 
 To be different from them 
 Is it so bad ? 
 You should be proud of your black fur 
 I don’t think you’re a blur. “

6. Deep in the Forest by Katya Fugenfirova

Deep in the forest

In thickest green woods

In highest, in broadest,

There’s sisterhood.

They have many names

That given by folks

Who fear of their games

And horrible jokes.

There are three sisters

Who gnaw bones to crunch,

Do witchcraft in whispers,

They eat kids for lunch.

I want you to know,

My dear little friend,

That you shall not go

There, I’d recommend.

But if you’re capricious

And naughty, my child,

Beware of the Witches

Who live in the Wilds.

7. The Lonely King or You Can’t Buy Love by Maria Rybina

There’s something I want you to know, little kid,

A story that certain will make your heart bleed

So if you’re afraid, you’d better go home,

I won’t tell you anything til your fear’s gone.

Although If you are a fearless young man,

I’ll tell you a tale I heard from my nan.

This tale is sad and gloomy and dark,

Though there won’t be a dog you hear at night bark,

There won’t be a vampire, no full moon above,

What I’m going to say is just about love.

There once was a kingdom far far away

And there was a king, that ruled it his way.

He lived in a castle, he had his own court,

With thousands of servants and ten tons of gold,

Hundreds of thoroughbred horses he had,

And solid gold armor and a big golden bed,

In a golden bedroom filled with very white doves,

But what he was seeking was just simply love.

His desperate thoughts led him to a girl,

A witch, that could help him, her eyes made him burn

From pain in his soul and in his relief,

He promised her gold and fell on his knees.

But she said to him “I need only you,

Your soul and your life. And your hair too.

Just cut a little curl from your head and drop here

In this boiling potion that you will then drink.”

He did this and drank from the white golden cup,

There is no way back, there is no way out.

The witch spoke again and showed him a sack

With three golden seeds, she showed, then took back.

“You’ll plant them, you’ll wait, a rose will then grow,

You won’t cut it or snip it or it will be gone,

You won’t touch it or pick it or you will be dead,

Your life and your soul will be mine, understand?

This is not a flower, this is a girl,

When it is the right time, you will see her.

She will come to me when the night will be clear,

And stars will be shining, and she will be here.

You’ll come to my cabin and take her away,

But If you disobey the rules, you will stay

Dead and alone, and no one will pray

For you and your soul, for your mind and your grave.”

The king told her “Fine.” and then went away,

Back to his castle where he stayed every day.

He planted the rose and started to wait,

He waited a week, than a year, a decade,

He awaited his love with desperate thoughts

Got older and older till no more could he wait.

He cut pale white rose with his crystal blade,

And right in this moment the old king was dead.

The rose though remained on the ground in the dirt

There was no magic and there was no girl,

There was only a man, a king who was tricked,

Alive and now dead, and a soul that was picked.

You see, little child, the moral is that

You never trust someone who’d rather you dead,

You never believe that love can be bought

No matter what thing is promised or told.

Now, go little boy, this is the end,

Go to your mother and lie in your bed.

But I want to ask you a last little thing,

Just please, for a moment, pray for the king.

8. A Dog Named Pit by Victoria Kufina

This nice dog called Pit

Was without any breed

He had green eyes and black coat

He was blue with freezing cold

Charlie was only 5 years old

Her hair was curled and gold

Before that winter day

She hadn’t fully understood:

What kind of things are bad

And what is good?

She was walking up the street

And suddenly saw something near her feet

Her eyes shone with love

And Charlie took the Puppy, he nestled in her glove

It’s almost 10 years from when they first met.

Charlie never regretted she got the pet

They are friends, their tie is strong

She did a great thing, nothing was wrong.

9. Help by Liza Ugoltsova

Mom comes home.

She needs help,

Come to her

And Take packages,

You’re a good kid to her.

Father makes repairs.

He needs help,

Come to him

And supply the hammer,

You’re a good kid to him.

Grandmother cooks pancakes.

She needs help,

Come to her

And mix the dough,

You’re a good kid to her.

Grandfather is in the garden.

He needs help,

Come to him

And plant flowers,

You’re a good kid to him.

Your family needs your help always.

You help them

And you’re a good kid always

For them.

10. Best Friends by Alexei Tsiganov

You can’t buy a friendship
 But can buy a friend
 Who needs your protection
 And is there till the end
 He doesn’t care about your wealth
 Your appearance and your job
 A man won’t love you less
 Than your devoted dog

He doesn’t want too much
 Just your care and nothing more
 Everyone will begrudge
 Real friends are rare, though
 As you sow so shall you reap
 And you will be happy to know
 Someone protects your sleep
 Real friends are rare, though.