“Winter. What do we do in the village?…” Pushkin “Зима. Что делать нам в деревне?” Пушкин

Manzherok Village, Altai Republic Siberia, New Year Holiday 2019 Манжерок Новогодный праздник 2019

We heat the house constantly…

We look for a Christmas Tree. But all the good trees are gone…

so we are forced to get creative

and combine 3 trees

to make the magic happen this year but, of course it also required lights

and ornaments

and an angel on top

We relax in the glow of our New Year tree and play with a rubrics cube.

We do some indoor decor that we can share with our neighbors

and then outdoors We turn this…

into this

and this

into this

We greet neighbors tubing down the hill

We leap into the air

and explore the surrounding hills on a snowmobile

We play poker for candy in the evening.

We stay warm under the covers in the morning

as We watch the ice fisherman’s early morning ritual

to drill the hole

and set the bait

with a bottle and sometimes a friend.

and then back at sunset for the daily catch.

We welcome friends

who play under the tree

while others sit in the kitchen

and enjoy the home brew a friend brings in an old tequila bottle

We visit friends and make 2 kinds of manti (big Russian dumplings) with

the traditional meat filling and

a vegetarian with pumpkin.

We enjoy the beauty of Siberian winter as the sun sets

and rises

over the Katun River.

We are reminded of how lucky we are.

We pray and work for peace in 2019.