The world is changing at a rapid rate. Globalization, alongside advances in technology from the internet to ‘the internet of things’, is making the world smaller, more accessible, more exciting, and more competitive. Whilst technology is driving this change, the true creatives, designers, and builders of our world are the ones who are pushing forward to translate these technological advancements into meeting the needs of society — today and in the future.

This is happening all around us, but nowhere more so than in the city of Dubai, which has pledged to be the world’s smartest city by 2020. With the launch of Smart Dubai, and being home to the region’s most sophisticated creative hub ‘d3’, the city is the natural choice from which to launch ECHO.

What is ECHO all about you might ask? It is an art, design, sound and technology festival, conceptualized and being brought to life by MICE International. ECHO Dubai is launching this year with the theme “Interacting with the Future”, and will feature workshops, conferences, live installations and an interactive sound festival.

The three day festival will take place in Dubai Design District (d3) from the 14th to the 16th December 2017. Covering themes that include Living Tech (biotechnology, bio fabrication, bio couture ), Fashion Tech (intimate technology and smart fashion), Interactive Experiences (creative coding, live visuals, and interactive installation), Generative Design and Future Thinking, Echo Dubai will be a complete sensorial and thought provoking experience, held in one of the world’s most exciting cities and creative hubs.

Scientists, engineers, technologists, designers, music & audiovisual enthusiasts, influencers, students, policy makers, coders, visionaries, media, artists, and engineers from around the world will have the opportunity to meet, network, learn, and collaborate. Entrepreneurs, brands, governments and multinationals can finally reach each other across a multitude of sectors, in a way never available to them before. Partner with us to be a part of this opportunity. The time is now.

10,000 attendees expected over 3 days. 30 speakers. 20 musicians. Free entrance to the exhibition.

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