Struggles and Successes so far

Throughout the course I have had a few setbacks, but quite a few successes.

Personally identifying with a struggling elephant — (CC BY-NC 4.0)

I have struggled with scheduling content for my social media platforms, typically Instagram. I have found it difficult to create content worth scheduling in a short amount of time, and to manage my time effectively in order to post quality content. I have overcome this however by using a scheduling tool called Buffer to schedule my content, and using Regram to post relevant content when I’m on the go.

I have also found it difficult to post content worth posting on my twitter. I struggled to come up with content interesting and view-worthy, as well as finding people or audiences to interact with. However the amount of Engagements and Impressions have increased on the content posted about my social platform — @ecjennings_makeup on instagram which is a positive.

I found that I have been successful in the quality of my content, with the work created being to the best standard possible. I have also found Medium easy to use, which has enabled me to post content effectively.