Useful Features of Aluminum Gantries

You can see Aluminum Gantries mostly in shipbuilding and large construction sites. The load is lifted with the help of a hoist which is fitted on a horizontal girder or a beam in a horizontal motion. Two vertical pillars support the beam. The hoist carries the load overhead. These cranes have wheels or power rails at the bottom which enables you to carry it to different work sites of the project. Different useful features of such cranes make it extremely useful and effective in lifting very heavy loads from one place to another with little effort.

The Fixed Height Option

This is one of the several features of Aluminum Gantries in which you do not have the liberty to adjust the height according to your requirement. The crane moves the load with a hoist and a beam combination and is very stable as well. The beams of such fixed cranes are at a definite height to which you can lift the load. There are caster or wheels provided at the bottom which gives it mobility to carry it to different locations across the worksite. Such cranes are very effective for those factories and jobs where there is not much requirement of the frequent lifting of loads.

The Girder Options

You can get Aluminum Gantries that have single or double girder as well. Single girder cranes are specifically used to lift heavy objects like in a warehouse and small manufacturing units while double girder cranes are useful for heavy industries. There are wheels attached, but the operator can fix it to a specific location for the lifting purpose. In single girder cranes, the hoist is fastened below it and is much lower compared to the height of the double girder variant. Single girder cranes have lateral braces which provide additional strength. There are two horizontal beams in the double girder version with the hoist fastened between those.

Heights Can Be Adjusted

You also get Aluminum Gantries the heights of which can be adjusted according to the requirement. There are groves in it which provide effective support to the beams. The horizontal beams fit inside the grooves which enable in adjusting the hoisting height. Just like its other counterparts, there are wheels and casters attached which provide it with extreme mobility. Due to the adjustable height feature, the load can be lifted to any height which is very effective in construction sites. 
Cantilever and Other Features

The cantilever cranes have girders that run cross ways on either or both sides of the girder which is placed horizontally. You can also have rail mounted cranes which are usually found in locomotive industry, shipyards, and steelyards as well. A unique feature of such cranes is that they have ground rail installation ability. The hoist is powered either by steam or by electricity, and there are legs and pillars for additional support. You can buy manual or automated versions of such cranes as well, though the automated ones are expensive than the manual variants, the automated cranes are easy to control, safer and works with more accuracy.Visit Here: EC&MW, INC