ECOChain proudly presents an innovative token called ECOC Financial Growth (EFG), which is based on decentralized finance (DeFi) and is considered the “foundation” of EFG. For the financial sector, ECOChain foresees for the initial capital to start circulating in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the principle of Dapps on ECOChain is that starting capital is needed for the financial cycle. The liquidity injected in the system can lead to borrowing and finally repaying back the loan and the circle can start again. All of these happen in a decentralized manner.

Experienced developers created ECOChain and its native coin (ECOC), which was…

According to the original market cap which set to 2 billion coins, the pre-mined coins exist brings unbalance, unfair, and threatens price stability. Additionally, it undermines decentralization because one entity (ECOCHAIN founders) hold so much staking power. These 200 million coins were never intended to be sold in the market or even used as spending fees on the virtual machine. The purpose was purely technical and to strengthen security.

But after the Themis Hard Fork, the new cap was 300 million coins. ECOChain decided to destroy another 206 million coins after the hard fork.

The 206 million ECOC coins were…

Themis Hard Fork brings a big change to block reward system. It makes the protocol more fair and financially more sound, as now coin inflating is under control. Themis Hard Fork was a request from our community and users. We actively listen to our users and for that reason, we decided to proceed.

The code has been written and the hard fork was successful on Ecochain testnet weeks ago. On September 15, at 22:29 (UTC time), Themis Hard Fork has been taken place at block height 870,000. Hard fork has been carried out without problems. No accidental forks appeared. We…

ECOChain proudly to announce a Hard Fork, Themis, will take place at block height 870,000. The expected date is September 15, 2020. We kindly inform all users to upgrade their core wallets from version 1.3 to version 1.4. This is a hard fork, so upgrading is obligatory. Be aware that the upgrade must be done prior to the hard fork. Not upgrading and trying to stake will result in rejection from the other nodes, so staking will not be possible until you upgrade to Themis (v1.4.0). Delaying an upgrade will possibly need a redownload of the chain data.

Mobile users…


We have decided to make a hard fork for ECOCHAIN. A hard fork is something serious; it can’t be taken lightly. For this reason, we must first explain the necessity of this action.

Let’s go back to basics. How blockchain started, and what was its initial purpose? We know that the creator was Satoshi Nakamoto. His motivation was clear:

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work.” — Satoshi Nakamoto, 2009

What does the above mean? It merely means that until now, the people need to strengthen trust what they use as…


Hello, my name is Akis as a CTO of ECOChain. I am going to make a short presentation of the upcoming Hard Fork. We gave the name “Themis” for Hard Fork It’s actually changing only the PoS rewards system.

The purpose of this Hard Fork is to sanitize the rewards system. Also, Hard Fork will take effect from 870,000 blocks high. The following are the protocol changes that will take effect by coins stake will be reduced to 5 ECOC New max cap is 300 million ECOC Each epoch changes every 1 million blocks (approximately one year) Each epoch…

Let’s get to know NFTs A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. Simply put, non-fungible tokens possess unique attributes that make it impossible for them to be replaced with other tokens.

While fungible token can be exchanged to any other token of the same type. If we make an analogy with the fiat currency — a dollar bill can be exchanged for any other dollar bill and that makes no difference for the holder. This is imperative for an asset that aims to act as a medium of exchange.

Why should I…

Blockchains are often used as a public and permissionless network in which there is no central authority controlling its operation. While this concept of decentralization sounds great, it also comes with drawbacks. Blockchain has a limitation as there is no such thing as a “could I?”, but always a “you have to”. So, what do we do if a problem comes up? What if it doesn’t suit a specific need or there is a flaw in the code? Even in those cases, we are still able to upgrade the network but only with the consent of the majority of users.

Since ECOC have been successful for pre-launch Mainnet in 2019, recently, ECOC have joined Bitterx Global exchange with trading USTD/ECOC and BTC/ECOC.

With our professional development team, many busy months of designing, building and testing the platform to be reality. We never stop to improve our platform. Moreover, we are pleased to welcome you to join our growing community.

Find more about ECOC:

After continuing the strategic investment of Genesis Capital, Thai fund, Bi Shi Jie and Skyline capital, BLOCK ECO FUND officially announced its investment with ECOChain today. ECOChain is a full structure public chain system based on POS consensus. Its underlying technology is supported by high security technology. It takes into account high block capacity on the basis of high TPS, and cross chain through VM smart contract. ECOChain is currently developing the Oracle system of atomic computing and Pol positioning system, the former will enter the internal testing stage this month. BLOCK ECO FUND is a venture capital institution focusing on blockchain. Relying on the world’s leading blockchain technology media group block global, it can provide investment, incubation, consulting and asset management services for high-quality blockchain enterprises.

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Ecochain is a permissionless, really decentralized public chain with a virtual machine.

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