Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay — RN-111M

We have a 16A 220V Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay — RN-111M with best quality .
We supply a wide range of Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay in india.

Manufacturer — NOVATEK ELECTRO 
Module type — voltage monitoring relay 
Controlled parameter — undervoltage, overvoltage 
Supply voltage — 230V AC 
Mounting — DIN 
Additional functions — LED status indicator 
Output 1 type — SPDT 
Operating temperature — -35…55°C 
Output 1 electrical parameters — 250VAC/32A 
Leads — screw terminals 
Contact actuation delay — 5…900s 
Sealing — IP20 at terminal side, IP40 
Body dimensions — 35 x 94 x 68mm 
Controlled parameter range — 1 x 230V AC 
Type of display used — LED 3 digits 
Power supply — from tested wiring system