Hi there, if this is the first you’ve seen of me, you may gain some insight into who I am here, where I discuss my neurodivergence! In brief, I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD, Depression and Anxiety, all things that I strive to manage on a day to day…

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It’s been a minute! I’m about a month into my new job, and didn’t have time to blog until now! Sorry!

A little about me.

I started my coding journey pretty young. I was single digits when I encountered the my first computer. …

I’m about 2 weeks late writing this post.

Sorry about that!

Things have been rather chaotic lately, and the stress of Covid and everything around it made things a little harder to keep track of lately. Let me start with my official diagnosis received last week, while in my fourth…

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Those who have listened to me frantically research, watched me pour over various articles, code samples, and listened to me ask what feels often like 10,000 questions will also often hear me speak on how I’m not confident.

I still don’t know so much!

Can I assign a value to…

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve blogged, and it’s been the fastest 2 weeks in my memory.

Let me preface this post by saying:

I’ve been in many environments and situations where the many flavors of people and personalities simply haven’t meshed, the aura of people just didn’t jive, or…

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I hate talking about myself. So forgive me, as I slog through this blog as I attempt to put my journey into this new endeavor into words.

You see, to my mind, I’ve lived an incredibly boring life that’s been mostly drab…

Sui Young

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