Paris Climate Agreement Explained
Susan Casey-Lefkowitz

Climate change can no sooner be mitigated by legislation, even world-wide legislation, than we can legislate a change in the laws of gravity. Climate change exists as result of a vast array of cosmic forces that mankind has yet to take control of. I’ve heard credible scientists state that even if the Paris Agreement was fully adopted by ever nation and each nation lived up to their part of the agreement, the net change in global temperature would be less than 1/20th of one degree Celsius! I believe that statistic. Mankind thinks it is so powerful that it can change climate so radically as to threaten our very existence. I do not believe that for a second. We know that local pollution can have a profound affect on local ecosystems and the human beings that interact with them. However, to destroy ecosystems on a planetary scale is beyond our ability. I remember when the ozone layer was supposedly going to be destroyed by chloroflorocarbons. We went out of our way to ban these substances in many nations. However, we soon found out that NASA and other agencies have never demonstrated these substances in the upper atmosphere for the simple reason that they are five times heavier than air! So the “Ozone Hole” was eventually explained by the lack of sunlight at the poles, however, chloroflorocarbons are still banned in most nations even though their harmful effect on ozone exists only under laboratory conditions! So we got it wrong, but the EPA has not caught up with the facts! Similarly, PCB’s were supposedly carcinogenic and were subsequently banned. Then scientists looked into this further and found that only the superheated bi-products of PCBs are carcinogenic. As it turns out, PCBs at within a normal temperature range are extraordinarily stable and have no carcinogenic characteristics at all. This information does not phase the EPA, which keeps them on the banned chemicals list and who forced GE to spend $4 billion cleaning up the Hudson River! In 30 or 40 years we will look back at the global warming hoax much in the same we look back on Time Magazine’s cover showing the Earth covered with ice and insisting that we are heading into a new ice age!

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