Wandering Aengus (Cover Single) By Herald K

3 min readSep 21, 2022


Soothing, calming, and beautifully engaging, there’s nothing better than this trio. Herald K is a rising band that’s been receiving love from everyone that’s experienced their authentic music. They’re talented and have successfully connected to their fans with a unique style of music that’s just enriching and inspiring. Simple yet flawless art that’s just perfect for everyone.

The trio met through a series of musical events and eventually formed a band after being contacted by Herald K for some assistance in recording some tracks. Inspired by great artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, and writers like Ovid, Baudelaire, and W.B. Yeats, the band successfully matched their influences’ art.

The band features Harold K beautifully composing music, performing vocals, and playing the guitar; Markus Mayerhofer dominating the pedal steel guitar; and Navid Djawadi exploding with his bass.

The band has amazing and magical musical performances, participating in notable gigs with Canadian songwriter Freeman Dre in the club “Music Star” (Norderstedt near Hamburg, Germany), Navid and Markus already getting features on several radio stations, TV, and festival performances.

From the heart of the cold pandemic nights, “Wandering Aengus” was that beating flame that kept the trio alive during the lockdown.

With Herald asking Markus and Navid to join in on his collaborative project, the single was born without them ever meeting in person. The inspiration for the single came from “The Song of Wandering Aengus”, a 19th-century poem that was composed by William Butler Yeats, which triggered a spark in Herald’s mind to make something out of it. Fast forward a few years, and we’ve got ourselves an emotional single that is just perfect for everything; a relaxing lyrical performance with subtle steel pedal guitars and bass in the background. The best song you can play after a long day at work is a song that’ll just smoothly run in the background, calming your nerves and just blessing you with good vibes.

With their first single release, “Arethusa,” receiving amazing recognition from fans and media, we can only imagine how far “Wandering Aengus” will go. Join thousands on Spotify and SoundCloud that share and love their music and discover all you need to know about their upcoming releases at https://heraldkmusic.com

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