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2016 Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview Black Tie Event

The Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview Black Tie Event is the event of the year in the world of auto and event industries. This is where the top dogs come together dressed in their Sunday best. The night requires considerable endurance. It all starts off with multiple pre parties, then it gets exciting when it’s time for the actual show, and all culminates with more than likely an after party.

The cars are the talk of the show; this year according to USA Today there are three cars you should be on the lookout for at NAIAS.

1. Chrysler Pacifica- might seem strange, but give this car a chance and check out all of its cool features!

2. Buick Avista- this new sport coupe has it all

3. Lexus LC 500-…just gorgeous

… Here’s the scoop on the actual event:

Since this is a black tie event, expect that everyone will be dressed to the nines. The men come in their best tuxes with beautiful women in flowing gowns on their arms and even though you’re there for the cars, we all know we’re really here to check out what everybody’s wearing.

To start off, let’s talk about some Do’s and Don’ts of the event and then we will get to the night’s fashion.

there’s me pretending I own the new BMW i8 all electric


  • Wear comfortable shoes…the showroom is very large and you’ll want to see EVERYTHING, so don’t cut your time here short because your feet hurt!
  • Pack a snack…”shopping” makes you hungry!!
  • Sit in the cars! (If you can’t buy them, at least try them!)
  • Take pictures… because most of us aren’t usually in a fancy outfit posing next to a $100,000 car


  • Forget to network… with tons of awesome people to meet at this event, keep your eyes open & put yourself out there!
  • Take your shoes off… whatever you do, no matter how bad your feet may hurt (I bet you wish you’d taken my previous advice) don’t take those shoes off!
  • Forget to talk to the product specialists… these men and women are there to answer all your questions so use them to your advantage!
  • Forget to look at the displays… they are AMAZING! So many light shows, video walls, and moving parts.

The Fashion:

One of the perks of going to the Black Tie Charity Preview is definitely the clothes you get to see. The women in everything from floor length gowns, to cute short dresses, to high couture jumpsuits and pantsuits. The men in tuxes accented with different colored pocket scarfs, fun socks, and shiny shoes.

These are the best styles I saw at the show:

  • Family first: here is my beautiful sister in a Kate Spade dress & shoes, notice how her heel is thick for comfort and sparkly for fun!!
  • My next favorite fashion statement was one of EEI Global’s very own employees, David Hudson, who secretly rocked these awesome Psycho Bunny socks!
  • Lastly, there are these three, beautiful ladies that I had to stop and snap some pictures of. They had on the most amazing… leather… dresses! Not only were these dresses beautiful, but they were also clever showpieces, made out of the same leather as the consoles and side panels in the GMC Sierra, Buick Enclave, and the Cadillac XT5! AMAZING!
Designer Janna Commodourous with Lilacpop Studios created both dresses and jewelry
Note: they also had insane hairstyles!

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the Black Tie event this year, but do try to get there next year! Whether you attend the black tie or make it to one of the public show days there’s no debating that the auto show is a ton of fun.

Social media intern, Olivia Gentile, is a sophomore at Central Michigan University studying journalism, social media, and fashion.

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