Captivate Your Audience

Ways to connect and keep your message fresh.

There couldn’t be a better time than the start of 2016 to reflect and prepare for a new year. Year after year, regardless of hot trends, our goal remains to improve connectivity between our clients and their customers.

There are several critical timeframes for getting your audience's attention and our aim is to optimize on those critical times and create messages that resonate and leave impressions on key audience members.

The most critical timeframes surrounding an event or experience are

1.) The Pre-event- a time when event info and tips are highly sought after

2.) During- capturing attendee and qualified lead information during the experience, and most importantly creating a memorable time for each attendee/

3.) Post event- providing engagement after the event to build out the overall impression of the experience

To get the most bang for your buck and really drive home a compelling story to your guest we suggest the following:

Use media in unique ways. Think simple but impactful. Are there members on your team with skills or interests in video production? Perhaps there’s someone in your office who has a knack for creating GIFS, or maybe you are the one who would like to learn. The most impactful elements are straightforward and simple. On any budget, innovative messages can be created and the results of your company’s messages can be tracked and their efficiency analyzed.

Before the event make sure you have a good idea of your audience. What social media channels do they favor? If you have the ability to communicate with them do it. That doesn’t mean you have to have all of their emails, think outside of the email inbox- perhaps the event you’re planning for has an online presence, make sure to get connected on all of the channels and look for opportunities to broadcast. Several weeks before the show social media teams often run contests to drive engagement, think about how your team can drive interest and engagement in the weeks leading up to your event.

Direct messaging campaign- Similar to email, Twitter also has a comprehensive direct messaging component. Select key users either in your own followership or across all of Twitter and send them a direct message. Keep the messages fresh and include a call to action like visiting you at the booth (include the number) or responding for VIP after party access.

Broadcast your message- Finding channels to broadcast across is key to getting your company’s message to a broader audience. Think about the type of event you’re holding or attending choose six to ten keywords to summarize it.

(example: Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX)- keywords: Engines, cars, automobiles, aftermarket, mechanic, parts)

Once you have settled on some keywords, search for them in a popular search engine. Also search for them on your favorite social media sites. Look for potential platforms to broadcast across, as well as individuals to partner with.

Finding a broader readership within your target audience is a great way to gain more followers and interest in your brand.

Be mindful of your content- I started out this article by saying that animated GIFS and videos are interesting, inexpensive ways to get more eyes on your messages and more thoughts on your product and company. There are many resources for creating GIFs. You can also learn to make a GIF using photo editing software like photoshop.

GIF created from images of the GM Performance and Racing Lobby using
GIF created in Photoshop of a cutaway created for Cadillac

As always if you hit a roadblock, or need some advice reach out to us!

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