Forcing Functions

Humanity — Where WE Sit and Paths Forward:

Demographics | Policy | Technology | Finance

Bridge Building:

Rewind to Redenbaugh, the first man I heard offer that four word framework. The Distinctions I’d later describe as lenses landed on me in a way that connected. An overarching theme in his conversations with us, expressed in a way that I could begin to fit a number of things that were going on around me. At the time we were navigating choppy water in the semiconductor industry and headed for IPO. Instead we rolled a ride from just about $0 to recurring revenues of about $100MM annually, and into a series of events that wound up at very large French company. We’d also just landed a $100MM order from just one of our customers. I Conducted the writing of The Offer, the response to the RFQ, which, in itself, was the result of a seven year sales cycle across multiple divisions. It was easy to write. Seven years of telling the same story, Why Outsource Manufacturing To Ethical Sources Made Economic Sense. Wrapping up this project also included a process design change. Purchasing’s entrenched executives laughed at their peer, my sponsor and co-inventor of the design change. Just a few little tweaks, really. And, two years later, the laughing stock lined up the pecking order for who would take credit due. The corporate dementia of acting right at any cost. Our new bridge that cool.

Redenbaugh connected to two other brilliant men; Flores and Bell. Flores a man whose philosophies were encapsulated in papers my partners and I began to read and reread on our journey. Flores’ philosophical inventions map to any context. Personal. Business. Mobilizing your self in your travels of any environment at any scale right on up to The Declaration Of Independence Of The United States Of America.

InterRelational Physics > The 1’s & 0’s of Interactivity > The Language Of Coordination < Speech Acts; The foundational bridges between innovation and existing structure and organization required for growth.

Where WE Sit:

WE have become weak Observers of the world around us. And, in our weak observations we make poor choices for the future. Sometimes people unEthically manipulate one another to get what they want, and sometime people Ethically Manipulate one another to get what they both want. Reciprocal Value.

Rote memorization, abdication of child raising, abdicating of community to people WE shouldn’t have fully trusted is our rusty chain underwear of the 21st century. [add social riff here]

Mechanical Physics: I recently had the pleasure of several lunches with a cited member of the physics community. In essence we were talking about the Possibility that there was a logic code for decision making. He’d written several books. We also talked about the human element of confronting blank white space to take up explanation of anything. Resistance to form following.

Elementally New:

RELATIONAL PHYSICS: As humans we run a very complex set of mechanics. WE are ElectroChemicalPhysiological beings. Multi-cellulars. Our cells are consecutively and systematically both trying to get us perpetuate the species, and kill the host. Add psychology to brain in multi-cellular body and the skin sacks carrying our gene pool around the planet just go nuts…

things | locations | Coordination

The Conversational Layer surrounding things and their location has a Mood, a thickness, a Conversational Energy that could be measured. Logistics a pedestrian term when it comes to Coordination with Care.

Wrapper Bias: WE are proven to hear messages differently when they are emitted from different sources. The wrapper on the source affects Resonance. CPG research tells us this through all types of packaging exploration.

The Wrapper — on the Narratives around us — Matter WAY TOO Much. This is why behavioral characters clump. Demographics. The sticking together within smaller circles of interactivity. Our cities already an amazing container for both good and evil. Why we thought we needed Batman, just to find he’s just another guy with the same Recurring Behavioral Concerns.

Enter the Concern For CARE. Real Care. Reciprocal Care.

[Observation; Declaration; Speculation; Grounding]…

How do we increase our observational skills? How do we communicate more effectively? How do we solve complex complexity? How do we restore CARE to our interactions?

WE Explore. WE Navigate. WE Surf. WE can do all these things, now, from wherever we can connect to the Social Layer.

Elemental Frameworks And Executional Models:

Here WE dive into Brand. The packaging of ideas. Lineage confusing because explicit Acknowledgement of the roots of our ideas a layer unto itself in the game.

There are millions of frameworks and multiple millions of framework Designers and Offering agents. Though, unlike Google’s origin of Citation Valuation we’ve wandered off on the originally not so obvious, though, now obvious path today of attaching ads to literally everything. Humans were Not designed to simply sit and look at flashes of light on tiny screens. And, that does not matter to how WE now find ourselves living our lives.

Weak Observers Literally Falling Off Cliffs While Hyper-focused On Image In A 21st Century Mirror. The old days offered no protections, today WE’ve installed a legislative grind feeding off of psychology.

Flores & Bell: Lens Purveyors, Inventors; Coaching; Business Process Design; The Fundamentals of Project Management; Surfing The Future; Reciprocally Transactional Loops; The Language Of Coordination; The 1’s & 0’s Of Human Interaction; Coordination Waste; The Reinvention Of Capital; Mood; Learning To Learn; and, CARE…

This is the bus I’m on. Because These Concepts Work. Remove psychological friction and amazing things can and do happen. My goal on this bus is to have the great thinking more approachable, more widely available.

Toroidal Electron Model:

Styles | Rates Of Effectiveness:

Dialog Rigidity; Flores, Bell, certainly my own experience has been around learning to Not collapse the distinctions between The Language Of Coordination function, and the psychology of interaction. Some I’ve interviewed with long and deep held resentment for what they got for their money’s worth. Assessment and Assertions they, themselves refused to deal with. Insistent on their own inability to simply use a set of tools being rooted, magically outside of themselves. Wrapper bias typically seasoned with arrogance. I don’t understand. I can’t make it work. It must be your fault.

Containers & RRR: Disclosive spaces; Learning; Skills Acquisition; The ability to hang out in conversations over the invention of time. WE Couple to our environments, adapt to preserve, wired for replacement. Cellular regeneration. WE Resonate with others. Animal magnetism.

Venues As Containers:

Robins: Realization Through Experience; There are a number of containers where intense realization can occur. Circling these rings are the “service” providers.

Dalio: Realization Through Thought; Wonderful story examples… no disrespect intended in the graphic, it was the best illustration of Map and Territory I could quickly find.

Klaff; Vaynerchuk: Realization Through Preservation. Grinding. Persistence.

Flow | Fire | Fantasy | Sandpaper…