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Strategy: In 2009, through a direct contact I sent a 7 slide deck to the Twitter executive team. If it got any eyeball time at all, it is certain that the proposal was not taken seriously.

Eight years later Twitter is still struggling as Biz Stone reportedly returns to the company. Twitter’s problem is that they don’t understand their core value. They only “think” they do, which is far and removed from how Steve Jobs thought he knew how to resurrect Apple. Twitter has turned this way and that, trying to Offer compelling features that simply aren’t compelling.

Meanwhile; the green field lays fallow, unplowed and unsewn; the blue ocean remains unfound; whatever — the opportunity remains enormous!

A Dominant Philanthropic-centric Platform Does Not Exist:

No one, no single entity owns philanthropy. But, they could. Twitter’s core value is enabling broad reach connection — the B-side of traditional networking. Twitter killed the age old construct of contact protection and searching for introduction to others. Twitter is the exact opposite of the brutal networking gauntlet, and it always has been. Their grinding, me too strategies, retarded email marketing campaigns, and ignorance regarding human behavior has turned the platform into a real time snot locker — devoid of real value. Yet, the original value is restorable, plus a healthy multiple.

When I design and teach strategy, I focus on three lenses; Finance; Demographics; Technology; and, Policy to view the world from the perspective of the Offer being made. Who’s capacity, energy will be expended to take care of Who’s concerns? What already existing assets can be leveraged to produce satisfaction for the customer in the transaction?

Twitter’s assets are in its core value. The ability to connect like minded people on a global scale and facilitate coordinated action. Dialog and declarations relating to a cause. A specific set of concerns that people are willing to involve themselves in. Both Arab Spring and The Water Project illustrated this capability perfectly.

The world rotates on. The cultural creatives have done nothing on their own, they are too splintered and fractionalized. Unrest is on a global scale. Catastrophe is on the rise. Government; particularly here in the U.S. is interested in doing less and less, yet this doesn’t stop them from asking for more and more from a shrinking participant set.

Twitter has the ability to easily create a structure that would dominate the popularization of causes; facilitate transaction between cause and patron; and, shift the global conversation to a highly effective one in which care, collaboration and concern were the new standards!

The strategy couldn’t be more simple. The need couldn’t be more evident. And, the possibilities couldn’t be more amazing. For a limited time only.

About Me:

It seems I’ve spent my life thus far doing two basic things; creating something different; and, helping others get where they want to go. As a result I’ve compiled a vast range of experiences, which enables me to look both differently, and from multiple perspectives. I make that, which is unclear, clear, and I make that, which is complicated, actionable.

My background is business where I’ve reviewed hundreds of concepts. I’ve founded companies and advised many more. My history as a strategist includes; three successful exits, two turn arounds, and the adoption of an $800MM Santa Clara County bond measure. I’ve also experienced massive failures in a wide range of domains.

My education has been appropriation by desire. I never graduated from college, but I believe in, and practice continuous learning. I study and apply the disciplines of biology, linguistics, human behavior, effective action and behavioral economics in my work with businesses and leaders who seek to create something different, or get somewhere specific, yet, perhaps, not well defined.

The foundation for my own success and the thinking behind much of what I practice, teach, talk about and write comes from the works of Dr. Fernando Flores and his longtime friend and colleague Chauncey Bell.

Let’s connect on Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; or Quora and see what we can co-invent. I look forward to hearing from you! — David

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