The Cosmic Superiority of Black Genes

Look at this hilarious fucker.

Toronto’s Black Lives Matter founder Yusra K. Ali, A.K.A. Yusra Khogali, who has the blessing of mainstream outlets like The Huffington Post, doesn’t like white people. This is something I would assume based simply on her being part of BLM, but no assumption is needed; she confirmed this in a Facebook diatribe against white folks, calling them “sub-humxn” (her made-up word, not mine).

She attributed biological links between melanin levels in the skin and all sorts of wonderful human characteristics: high fertility, nervous-system strength, good hearing and vision, high intelligence (15 IQ points lower than the average white IQ, but she apparently failed maff class). Curiously, however, she didn’t mention that melanin is also linked to aggression. Why wouldn’t she mention that?

What else does she think melanin does? It “enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory bank mode which reveals blackness converts light into knowledge,” and most fascinatingly, “melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy.” I’ll forgive a nigga (a mispronunciation of the word “nigger,” like “trigga” for “trigger”) for thinking whites are sub-human, just like I’d forgive a monkey for thinking it’s superior to a human, but the implication that white people cannot directly communicate with cosmic energy is highly offensive. I’m gonna need a safety-pin movement to protect me from that opinion.

All white people can do, according to Kusra, “is produce themselves. black ppl simply through dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.” They literally can do it…if they had the power to. So they literally can’t because they don’t have the power, is what I’m inferring. And the goal is what exactly? To attain that power? She never really says, but she does make another glowing reference to genocide: blacks “are a threat to the genetic anhilation [sic] of white ppl.”

There’s another statement in her post I was glad to see her make: “[blacks] are the first and strongest of all humxns [sic] and our genetics are the foundation of all humxnity [sic].” This of course implies that whites evolved from blacks, which puts blacks much closer, genetically, to apes, and I’m okay with that. It makes me smile. Have you ever seen that cowboy monkey who rides a dog? It cracks me up every time, and it gives me the same joy as when I see blacks jumping up and down on cars in the street. Look, they even wear clothes that don’t fit them, just like the monkey! Comedy gold.

Back to the scientific side of things. Remember that melanin-aggression link? It could help to explain why 90% of gang members are non-white (but whites suck, so who would want them to join their gang anyway?). It could help explain why more than 100 white women are raped or sexually assaulted every day by black men in the United States (due to the superiority of black genes), and why one in three rapes overall is committed by a black person. It might also explain why blacks are over-represented in serial killings, why blacks are over-represented among child abusers, and why 56% of robberies and 50% of murders are committed by blacks (who are just 12% of the population, don’t forget). There’s loads more, but I don’t want to damage the black ego too badly, lest they run out of inspiration for their rap songs (remind me a 20th time who’s rapping, please, and how ill your rhymes are?).

Speaking of ill, 39% of black people have herpes. Loads of gonorrhea, too. Black people have gonorrhea at a rate 10.7 times that of whites. Gono is a superior virus, I guess is their argument.

Look, maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture. Maybe Africa is a shit hole because it’s secretly run by whites, and despite blacks being superior, they still can’t seem to take it back from dumb whitey…or something? I’d love to understand the rationale behind why a superior race just can’t seem to get a leg up, but my low melanin levels are causing interference with my cosmic-energy communications.