Used Needles, They’re Everywhere and a Problem

Image: KTVU Fox 2

If you walk around the streets of San Francisco it’s common to find needles laying down on the street. Heck, I even found a pile of needles and other trash outside my apartment. The problem also continues as I continue to walk to my destination because they basically litter the streets. And now a new report from the San Francisco Public Works Department (SFPWD) has some alarming news.

According to the SFPWD, in March 2016 more than 3,000 needles where found. Compare that to March of this year where they found more than 13,000 needles. In just the span of one year, the number of needles found jumped exponentially.

This is a shocker, yes, but this is very dangerous, especially for the children. Many of needles are found near playgrounds, libraries, and even the public libraries. God forbid, a child picks up a needle and starts playing around with it and worst, that child may poke themself and/or others. Also since these needles just lay one the street and if someone steps on one, a visit to the ER is in the near future.

The city has found ways in order to fix the problem, like putting needle disposal boxes where public bathrooms with attendants (that’s a different story) are located. But clearly the problem has not been solved. Supervisor London Breed of District 5 has brought up the idea of having a safe injection site. This could work or then again people might not use it.

This problem is one that is hard to tackle and city officials are willing to approach this problem in different ways.

If you do find a needle in the streets of San Francisco, call 311 so that city crews can clean it up right away.


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