Burn With Me

The Wick & The Flame by Fakhri Al-Alami

We are long lost souls,
Yet to be found,
We are the enemies of a passed missed,
A present lived,
And a future anticipated,

We are the children of what is a fact,
Drawn with the hands of fiction,
Laid back by the restrictions of reality,
Hungry for a dreamland,

We are a movement,
A ripple in the wave of norm,

We are unique,

Together we divide and concor,
Together we rule,
Together we occupy the minds of the weak,
Set free those imprisioned by the digust of the world we live in,
Lift the standard of life to living,
Spread fear into the hearts of those who hate,
Spread hope into the souls that long for a home,

Only together my love will we be victorious,
Our time will come,
We shall rise from the ashes,
We shall become stronger,
We shall become wiser,

For a force lies within us,
Only when we are together will it araise,
A force that drives the fibres of our being to exist,
We shall intertwine with the grace of angels,
Unite to become one,
As we already are,

Isn’t this what love is?

Generally, perhaps.

But for now my love,
Burn with me.


Photo credits: Fakhri Al-Alami

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