Of Eternal Fires From Within

Have you ever really looked into a fire? — Fakhri Al-Alami

What a magnificent creature!
That gradient of heat and colors from blue to red to orange to yellow,
As diverse as the human skin,
A ritual dance ignited by a spark,
An alter of sacrifice between wood and flame,
Burning for the life of the flame that resides in the tops of its skin,
That never ending cycle of sacrifice,
A coexistence between two beings not meant to be sustained in the same environment.”

“Oh quiet doubtful one,
Silence your doubts,
Ease your agony,

Fire merely dances for his life,
Wood dictates whether that life is warm and gentle or powerful and ablaze,
She decides whether he lives or dies,
As they burn their lives away together,
The heat of their passion warms all those around them,
A warmth unlike any other,
Addictive as it is created to be,

It is this passion which brings your heart alight,
Let the flames of passion burn you from within,
An eternal flame feeding on your love for your passion,

What it may be is your choice,
How it manifests itself,
What it is,
What your drug of choice may be,
Is entirely up to you,

Let your heart and soul guide you,
Let your heart tender your way with its kisses,
Let your soul be your beckon,
When you loose your way ask for them and they will guide you through,
What truly matters to you will never betray or leave you,

You may find a door that is locked and another that is open,
Loose your keys and find another way,
Don’t be afraid to venture into an unknown,
Taste the lips of stranger,
Smell the foreign scent around you,
Touch the different textures,
It will all lead you back to that which you are passionate about,
Your heart and soul will guide you,

Believe it,
Incorporate it into every fiber of your being,
Become one with your passion,
And it will be,

Look into that fire,
Find your passion,
And with that,
Find yourself.”

As they found each other.

*Photography: Fakhri Al-Alami
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