The Upside Down of the Internet

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If you have ever watched the Netflix-original TV show Stranger Things, then you most likely understand the title of this short blog post. If not, then I am deeply disappointed in you. Please exit this post, and go binge watch it now. In the show, there is a parallel dimension called the “Upside Down” which is a spooky place inhabited by monsters. But, I’m not here to give you a synopsis of the show. I just thought it would be clever to compare it to the internet, since the online web can also be a scary place where monsters that are called trolls and users who do not practice their netiquette are found.

Netiquette (online etiquette) is a set of rules to help practice ethical behavior on the internet. Nowadays, more online users are bullied since people are finding it easier to talk down to others without being affected by their own actions. With that being said, here are some Netiquette tips to help you become a more respectful human being online:

  1. Act Humanly

Everyone on the internet will not be a saint, there will be haters. But, instead of ignoring those comments or posts of unethical opinions, report them. It is your duty as a human to communicate kindly with others online and stand up for the ones that may be knocked down. Also, it is important to acknowledge and show your appreciation of other peoples work online. Let Susan from HR know that you “digged” her recent YouTube video of her dog hitting the “Nae Nae” by liking and posting a positive comment.

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2. Do Not Get “Lost In The Sauce

Some people may be persuaded or influenced by others online to comment or post something negative. A good example is the comment section of a YouTube video. Do not give in to the hateful comments of others, instead tell yourself that Mr.Robot7513’s opinion is insignificant and carry on with your day.

3. Think Before You Post

Be mindful of what you post on the internet because the delete button may not save you. That tweet that you thought you deleted 5 seconds ago may have been downloaded, saved, forwarded, and posted somewhere else on the internet by 10 other people. Therefore, be sure to triple check what you post online before you regret hitting send.

4. Always Remember.

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Lastly, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember that there is another human on the other side of that screen. That human will have feelings, so it is important to respect others’ opinions on any topic or subject. There will be times when you may have a disagreement with a user’s content or post, but it is alright to have a different perspective on things. In the end, it is important that you are able to have a respectful conversation online without the result of a “Twitter Beef”.