3 reasons why “netiquette” and online gaming should co-exist

We all have heard stories regarding video games, and the horrid banter that occurs with online gaming. If you have ever wandered the trenches of online gaming, you know exactly what I am referring to when I say “horrid banter”. Well this aforementioned banter, is a direct reason why online gaming needs to have rules on netiquette.
Image taken from “MemeFact”
Here are my top 3 recommendations as to why “netiquette” should be included in online gaming.

1. You never know who’s really playing

There is no age limit as to who can play video games, even though there is a age restriction on certain games such as “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield. The downside is, monitoring what people say is almost impossible. The only way to stop cursing or vile speech, is through banning words on chat forums or through the instant messenger part of each game.

2. You can ruin the game for everyone around you

Gaming is all about relieving stress from day-to-day activities. Having a negative environment where friendly trash-talking turns into actual problems is not something anyone wants. Further educating gamer’s on video game netiquette, may create a more positive online gaming atmosphere.

3. Just be yourself

Gamer’s tend to believe that when they go online, they can become anyone they want to be. Which is fine, as long as you, you know, remain a competent human being. When you go online, and start yelling at random people screaming curse words, please just stop yourself. If you have to curse go ahead no one is stopping you, just don’t speak about people’s family members. Try your best to just be who you are in real life, as long as you know you’re a law abiding citizen and all.

Spreading more positivity can never hurt, so be a good gamer and spread some knowledge on video game netiquette.