Gizmolabs the innovation hub that makes other hubs really jealous

Before embarking on the adventure of creating this blog, the only hub I knew about was the one attached to my desk adequately named “USB 3.0”. Apparently a usb port hub was the not the first time “hub” was used in the english language. I literally had no clue (no sarcasm intended, I am actually that unaware of things…sometimes). Anyways, I decided to figure out what an innovation hub was, and if there were any fancy hubs in Toronto.
Gizmolabs office space in Toronto

Alas we find ourselves at Gizmolabs, named by myself as the hub of all hubs, the mecca of Toronto innovation, and the hub that other hubs wish they were. Now this is not a promotion of Gizmolabs, so this is completely unbiased reporting. However, if Gizmolabs would like to sponsor me in anyway, please don’t be afraid to ask (completely kidding…sort of).

With a little browsing through Gizmolabs website, we can find that they are home to many of Toronto’s startups whether it be, hardware or software companies alike. The easy accessibility to the downtown core (located near St. Patrick’s station), makes the overall attraction of Gizmolabs that much more aesthetically appeasing. One of their main goals, is to create an environment that allows startups to flourish, and nurture their brand or product as much as possible in the time that they spend at Gizmolabs. Essentially, they want the startups to grow alongside Gizmolabs, so both can enjoy success later on.

Partnership, seems to be at the forefront of Gizmolabs pitch to join forces at their location. They like the idea of a collaborative, cooperative environment, where any company can grow. The idea of an open work environment, is what pushes a lot of entrepreneurs to strive to what they want to achieve. So, the idea that Gizmolabs wishes to provide an open workspace for many startups, seems to go hand-in-hand, with what entrepreneurs want.

Currently, Gizmolabs has 7 startups listed on their website has running their operations at their hub, with many former members listed as well. Their end goal as per their website, is to help startups register their MVP (minimum viable product) on to the market, and meet and succeed expectations.

They seem to be on the up-and-coming in innovation hubs, and can only make positive strides forward, if they continue doing what they have been for the previous few years.

DISCLAIMER: all information in this was retrieved from Gizmolabs