Quizizz the Quiz tool for Quizzes

Forgive me for my use of perfect alliteration in the title.
Anyhow back on topic, technology and education seemingly go hand-in-hand in this century. However, efficiency levels combined with the usage of technology and education, that is a different story. Quizizz aims to solve this underlying problem, with the usage of a familiar format also seen in other tools such as Kahoot.
Quizizz showing it can be used on multiple platforms

Quizizz has an aesthetically appealing design, everything is very simple looking and anyone can use the tool. Also, the tool is supported on multiple platforms allowing for high usability levels. Below, is what I consider to be the top 2 most functional potential uses for Quizizz.

  1. Quizizz is an excellent tool for exam or ironically enough quiz “prep.”

Not only can multiple people use the site to answer questions that you lay out, but they can battle each other to see who knows the most. With the use of a unique game code, multiple people can battle each other to see who wins the round. This tool if used effectively can make studying, a lot less tedious, and possibly (key word there is possibly) create higher levels of information retention.

An example of a Quizizz game

2. Can be used as a friendly game, family trivia night etc.

One of the methods in which Quizizz may not have intended to be used in, is a party setting. We usually see in weddings, or family parties that there is a trivia filled section, or a “get-to-know-the-couple” game played in weddings. If this game was to be used, almost everyone in attendance would be able to participate, and it would allow for a uniquely memorable night.

So, how do you use Quizizz, and how is a quiz played? Well I am glad you asked, because the next section will answer your question. (See what I did there?)

How is a Quizizz quiz played?

Here is a step-by-step process in photographs.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

*All of the slides are not my own but they can be found here

In essence Quizizz, has a fairly simple format to create and use their product to learn new information whether it is for educational purposes or whether it is for pure entertainment purposes.

Click here to see a “Quizizz” that I created for EID100 (the game code is 431709)