Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Analytics

Analytics are one of the most important tools used by almost every industry, if not every industry.
Another instance of the importance of sports and analytics, were put in the forefront in the movie “Moneyball”. Meanwhile in 2016, companies such as Google, have been using analytics to analyze pretty much anything you can imagine. Google’s method of using analytics for other businesses, is done through their platform “Google Analytics”.
Google Analytics as expected runs 24/7
First off we have the Strengths or Pros of Google Analytics…


  1. According to their website, Google Analytics has increased the projected revenue for L’Oreal Canada by using “Analytics 360". Which, is a decent indicator into how using analytics can potentially improve revenue.
  2. Google is a household name, and has the utmost resources. So any company wanting to use Google analytics, can expect professional quality of research.
  3. Analytics 360 comes with 24/7 support and a “team of dedicated experts”. Around the clock support helps ease any worries for potential users.
  4. Google ecosystem allows for smooth transition between various Google programs, to help add to any data collected.
Lastly, we have the Weaknesses or Cons of Google Analytics…


  1. There are none it’s Google…just kidding! One key weakness is the fact that Google is such a ubiquitous company, information security may be an issue.
  2. For now Analytics is considered a freemium software, however there is no guarantee that the “freemium” label will last.
Overall, there are many more pros to using Google analytics than cons based on the fact that it is a freemium software. If they lose the label, and become a premium software, that would have negative connotations for smaller companies wanting to use analytics. As when software gets more and more expensive, a smaller company would not find the use of analytics to be affordable.

**For more information on Google Analytics refer to their website.