A Day with Digital Technologies

From the cell phone that serves as my alarm clock in the morning, to the AppleTV box that streams my Netflix as I’m falling asleep at night, consciously considering twenty-four hours worth of technological interaction was quite the experience.

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When a regular day consists of walking to campus, my fitbit tracking my every step and physical activity, the crosswalk button being a vital player in allowing me to cross Yonge street at Gould, and the process of paying for my morning coffee with Apple Pay, it was eye opening to consider how much more I interact with digital technologies than I usually recognize.

In spending a day consciously logging all my interactions with digital technology, I found that our paths cross more frequently that you’d imagine. We all consider that our phones and our computers are our daily interactions with these technologies, but in reality, there is so much more.

Although this anecdote will contradict my previous point about “obvious digital technologies”, I feel like it is the perfect scenario to illustrate just how integral they are to the workings of our everyday lives.

I work on campus, where my job is highly collaborative. We send emails between offices and share all files across the Google Drive, so, even in the most obvious interactions with technology, my day to day routine relies so heavily on these digital technologies. There have been a few instances on campus where WiFi has been down, and our entire office has had to momentarily halt.

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With almost everything I do being saved and used through digital technologies that rely on the internet, it felt as if my [productivity] world had literally stopped.

I think even when we consider how far digital technologies have come, and the way technology was used a decade or two ago, we take so much for granted in terms of our daily interactions with the world. I think we overlook just how prominent a role digital technologies play in our lives. Regardless of whether we realize it is playing a role or not, and even if we are not always able to recognize where those ones and zeros actually cross our paths.

Also, just to remind ourselves how far digital technologies have really come, I’ve linked a fun BuzzFeed Quiz as a throwback to early internet. (Source: BuzzFeed)

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