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During my freshman year of college, something really strange happened to me.

I was watching “The Notebook,” one of my favorite romance movies, with my Mama and we got to the scene where Noah reveals to Allie that he wrote her a letter every day for a year. You know the scene. The big reveal that he still loved Allie even after all those years passed. Normally, I’d be crying like a baby after that scene. What girl doesn’t want a man to sweep her off her feet like that?

Yet, the scene flashed before my emotionally vacant eyes. Not a drop was shed for Noah and Allie’s timeless love. Okay, I thought, it must be that I’ve finally outgrown my girlish ways and am becoming a young lady after all. …

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Sex isn’t the only thing that’s casual these days.

Welcome to the age of casual employment. (Cue Peter Townshend’s legendary yell at the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.)

When I graduated from university, that marked my official entrance into the professional job market. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t need a fancy trophy or ribbon to celebrate being in the same pool of millions of other job seekers. I needed a job. End of story.

I would spend mornings applying to countless, faceless job postings in the usual areas: LinkedIn, Indeed, and company websites. Then I would reserve my afternoons for reading and writing, networking with writers in the biz, and soaking up as much as I could about my industries. …


Elizabeth Ivanecky


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