Guns, Guns, Guns. Repeat.

The other morning, I woke up with the news that there was an “Active Shooter” situation at Andrews Air Force Base. A number of thoughts went through my mind, ranging from “God Damn It, Not Again”, to “God Damn It, What Is Wrong With This World?”, to “God Damn It, I Failed To Ban Guns Like I Said I Was Going To After The Last Mass Shooting” to “Thank God”, once I discovered that it was a false alarm.

The thing is, I had all these thoughts while I was sleepily pouring my coffee. I couldn’t even be bothered to be “just appalled” enough at this supposed carnage to sit in solomn reflection for the souls who would no doubt be mortally affected by this latest outburst of violent offense. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with us? What if this hadn’t been a false alarm? Would I still be sitting at my computer drinking cold coffee? Would I be sobbing like I was in the time after Orlando? I don’t know.

In the immediate aftermath of “America’s Latest Shooting”, Gun Lovers are quick to say “No” when Gun Haters say “Ban Guns.” I don’t know that either side is right. It seems irrational that we need them for protection, when all we are protecting ourselves from is each other. Nobody ever ponders why or how we created such a violent world to begin with.

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