I originally posted this on Facebook… but wanted to share my feelings with more people beyond Facebook.

I am angry and ashamed at the moment. Please, bare with me for this short rant. If you disagree, you are welcome to your opinion. But mine will not change.

We live in a country that was not ours to begin with. Many of our ancestors came here to escape various types persecution. Others were brought here against their will. The natural inhabitants of this land opened their arms to us, and we killed them and persecuted them for the land. Humans have an innate ability for hatred and violence. We never seem to really learn from mistakes others made in the past. America was, and still is, a dream.

It is an idea, more than just a place. It stands for so much more. It is a place that was meant to be open for ALL. When I think of all, logic tells me this: it does not matter the color of your skin, the country you came from, how much money you make or are worth, what your sex is or who you have feelings for and choose to have sex with. All means everyone. This country was founded to be a place for everyone. Even if history proves there were mistakes along the way. It is up to us to make sure that we do not step backwards into history. Fear is a blinding force that can make one close their eyes and hearts to an outside world.

Many of you are religious, and like to quote various religious texts (depending on your religion). From my understanding, those books speak to an openness that we are supposed to have for others. We are not called upon to be any Gods police force. We are not supposed to persecute anyone just because they exist and are from somewhere else and have different beliefs. I am ashamed in many of you people. You do not practice what you preach. You are not accepting and caring for other people that are different or have different religious beliefs. It is sad that you may support any act of hatred. Yes, everything that is occurring right now are acts of hatred, fear and greed.

I am not religious. I was raised in various churches growing up. I found my beliefs do not always fall within a place surrounded by idols. I believe that all life is connected. We are always trying to balance the good and the bad in this world. Too often we become too self absorbed in our own lives to realize that what we do and believe can negatively affect the lives of those near and far. We must change our way of thinking.

Some people claim that they are ‘Pro-life’ because the idea of a baby (they are so cute and innocent) not being born is sad. All abortions are terrible in their eyes. Not in mine there are certain circumstances in which the CHOICE to abort a pregnancy could be considered needed.

Well, rape is terrible yet we do not do a good enough job protecting people from this. Are we supposed to force someone who was raped to carry a child for 9 months and then raise the rapists child? Incest. and sex with young children still occur at a surprising frequency in this and other countries. Are we supposed to force these children to follow through with a pregnancy that they had no CHOICE in? Sex traffickers kidnap and sell humans into a life no one was meant for. And there are people in prominent positions around this country that treat them like they are a buffet. There are also times when a mother finds out that a pregnancy may cause harm to the mother. Do we force her to basically commit suicide? What I am saying is that in many cases people do not know the persons situation. What gives you the Right to take always their choice? Their freedom. Do you plan on raising these children and dealing with the heartache that couldn’t possibly ruin these people’s lives forever?

You say you are pro-life, but you are ok condemning millions to death with attacks on other countries to capture ISIS. To show hatred to other people and by supporting closing our borders because you are scared and feeble. This has happened before, numerous times through history. It must not happen again. If you support closing our borders, because you believe someone is taking jobs you wouldn’t actually want to do to begin with I am ashamed in you. It is not your place. It is not my place to tell anyone what to do or believe. I just wish that the bias that people feel would not cause the rifts and angst that makes the bullies in this world win.

Trump has so far done many of the things that he campaigned on. He has done them with a fascist pen to paper approach. He has made decisions without the voice of the people having a true say. He rules, he does not lead. And if we are not careful he will push this country and his people to a cracking point.

His war on women. His war on science. His war on facts. Honestly his was on reality scares me. What is even more frightening is how many people support such a narrow minded hate/fear filled view of the world.

He is my president even if I voted against him as a person. With one week under his belt. He has done nothing but prove, constantly why I voted against him. I hope something he does can change my mind. But facts are pointing out that this may never happen. So it leaves me to a fact of my own.

I will stand up, speak up and fight back when I see oppression. Whether you completely agree/disagree with me, I ask you to do the same. Fight for humanity. For this planet.

Also, Science is real. Facts are facts. Trust them until proven otherwise.

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