Oh Shit! I am almost 30!

For those of you that have known me a long time, I probably haven’t seemed to have changed much. In my mind, I am still the person that got out of school and went running around the neighborhood until the streetlights came on or I heard “the whistle” to come home. Fall was, and still is, my favorite time of year (this is without having playoff baseball to look forward to until last year).

I was born November 9, 1985. 13 days after the 1985 Royals… Yes. I know. I was an unlucky sports fan growing up in Kansas City. Lucky for me I had a lot of friends to keep me distracted. I feel that way still. I am very lucky. Over nearly 30 years I have been lucky enough to amass quite a few people that I consider friends. In many cases, Family.

As I was saying, not much has changed. Besides a beard, some chest hair and the occasional ear hair, I still feel very young and occasionally stupid (see adventurous). Especially at heart. Even if I am turning 30, I still dont plan on really growing up too much.

I have around 19 days left. What are the activities that you wished you had done before turning 30?