Is it 90’s nostalgia or?

It seems like yesterday; everyone wanted a 3310- with custom made ringtones, snake and the endless a battery life. the 3310 had it all until 2000 when MMS took the world by storm.

Flash to 2016, the Nokia 3310 has become the phone that’s been reinvented for millennials and what’s the real difference between 1999 and 2016? 
Not much really. Nokia has had a few lean years with selling it’s mobile business to Microsoft in 2014.

Realistically, this release is about technological control. We don’t want to work or engage in human labour- yet the more human-work we give to technology through advances driven by digitalisation, the further we distance ourselves from our innate human existence.

It’s not a smartphone as proclaimed by media outlets and “unknown” sources. Internally, it runs on 2.5G internet with a smaller processor than the first Iphone with 22 hours talk time and a 2.25 inch screen. Overall for AU$75 it’s the perfect first phone or emergency phone that follows you to a festival.

The biggest question regarding the 3310: Yes, snake is back but it’s overly digitalised and colourful.

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