Post-Break-Up Casualties
Stella J. McKenna

Break-ups can be difficult for exactly the reasons you described. I want to tell you that you can remain friends with Bryan and Holly. I want to believe that when we interact with someone, while that interaction may have been prompted by somebody else, that we are creating a new and independent relationship with the other person. So while Kyle may have been the one to introduce you to Holly, your time spent with Holly and developing that friendship could potentially have more impacted Holly in such a way that she doesn’t want to lose you as a friend either, which is your feeling as well. Every relationship has different values with different people. While this is a lot more complex to achieve with someone’s family, as you know, it is still possible. I think if you continue to work at your friendships with those people individually, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t also want to support you after the break-up. Although having everyone hang out together might be pushing the awkward meter… Hope it helps, and know that you’re not alone in feeling this.

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