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You’d be surprised at the people here in the upper midwest who think that just by repealing Obamacare, everything is going to change at the flip of a switch. Insurance companies aren’t going to cut there premiums in half as soon as Obamacare is gone. If you think that, you probably aren’t living in reality. So, what is the plan then?

I’d be surprised if Obamacare was repealed and costs went down even 10% in the next two to five years. I don’t expect insurance companies to step up and say “Yea, we’ll take significantly less money now” if it was repealed. But, I have a large distrust of insurance companies in the first place as there goal is to pay you, the insured, as little as possible regardless of the situation or claim.

I agree that Obamacare is deeply flawed (the premise is right for Obamacare, the follow through on implementation with little planning by lawmakers is the flaw), but I don’t think anyone on either side of the aisle has offered a viable solution other that just consistently repeat the words “Repeal Obamacare”. Could purchasing insurance across state lines fix it? Doubtful. But, it could be part of the solution along with a number of other things that would need to be done to overhaul it.

Hopefully there are people smarter than me who can figure it out.

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