Every person wants not only to feel good, but also to look good.

Our company has developed a unique cosmetology device that combines age-old knowledge and modern technologies in cosmetology.

Skin rejuvenation by Quantum is an innovative technique in the field of aesthetic medicine and correction of age-related changes in the skin, providing the opportunity to effectively affect various skin areas and does not require time to recover after a therapy session.

How the device works

The device emits light pulses of a different frequency and power depending on the selected program through a quantum accessory. In this case, the device affects Collagen and Elastin — proteins, which are the components of connective tissue, ensuring the strength, flexibility and elasticity of our skin. The process of recovery of these proteins past the age of 25–30 is significantly slowed down, after which the skin ceases to be as elastic, begins to age. This property of the effect on proteins was obtained in the course of various tests and testing of our equipment, especially when working on restoring the joints, since collagen is contained in joint cartilage.

Under the influence of light in the skin molecules, light energy is converted into thermal energy, which leads to the destruction of pigmented formations, the disappearance of dilated vessels, returning radiant purity and elasticity to the skin. This technology is an effective, safe and painless method, which makes it possible to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, edema, pigment spots, vascular asterisks, etc.

However, the effectiveness of the device is not limited only to exposure to human skin. By affecting certain points on the face and the auricles of the person, where the projections of the organs are located, the device gives an effect similar to acupuncture — a point massage, which has been studied in ancient China, Vietnam and India. Famous English neurologist Henry Head described in detail the areas of skin in which diseases of internal organs are reflected. Such zones are called zones. By affecting the points, the device smoothes wrinkles not only by affecting collagen, but also through beneficial effects on various organs. As it is known, the wrinkles on the face are affected not only by the cessation of collagen production, but also by the malfunctioning of the organs and systems of the body.

With the help of Quantum, it is possible to restore different areas of the skin from various injuries, including burns, scars, other mechanical injuries, as well as various manifestations on the skin.

Device Features

- Symbiosis of age-old scientific knowledge and the most up-to-date technologies in the field of cosmetology

- Effectively restores human skin, gives the skin firmness and rejuvenation

- Favorably affects the body

- Saves time. There is no need to regularly attend procedures in the salons. It is convenient to carry out procedures at home.

- Saves money. The cost of a course of similar impact, consisting of several sessions in the clinic can reach several thousand USD. The cost of the device does not exceed 1000 USD.

- Portability. The device can be taken in travels, trips.

- Support for the user through online consultations and the developed Blockchain Medical Platform.

- The device is equipped with a Li-Ion battery.

- Convenient quantum radiator

- User-friendly interface

- Colorful touch screen display

- User-friendly interface

- The device is made of special medical materials

  • Several modifications with the number of programs from 40 to 100

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