ELCoin is a unique project, which is covering several areas in the medical, wellness and healthcare industry, linking them in a single structure. We distinguish two major focus areas of the Project:

- Manufacturing of unique medical and wellness equipment on the ground of a global base of scientific and technological knowledge and proprietary developments;

- Creation of a web based Medical Platform, using blockchain technologies to fully support physicians and healthcare professionals, as well as people in need of medical care, counseling or simply interested in health issues and healthy lifestyle. It is planned that ELC will be used as the only payment instrument for the services, offered by the Platform.

The Project is based on a real company, which is registered in European Union (Riga, Latvia) in 2015.

Our team and advisors consist of highly professional experts in their fields of knowledge.


After finishing ICO campaign, ELC will be traded on exchanges. We are forecasting constant growth of the ELC price, which will be bringing profit for ELC holders.

A variety of factors will influence the growth of ELC value.

1. ELC is backed with real, unique and highly liquid products — medical and wellness devices, technologies and patents.

2. Payment for the use of the Medical Blockchain Platform will be effected by ELC only.

3. 25% discount for the devices when exchanging for ELC.

4. Priority for the purchase of any equipment and services from the company for ELC holders.

5. Constant growth of the company due to expansion of sales markets.

6. Constant attraction of new platform users. In particular, by increasing the number of devices sold.

7. Carrying out further development and researches with subsequent launch of news products on the market.

8. Creation the proprietary network of health centers, which is intended to expand the range of services offered.


The project has not only an attractive and highly profitable financial side, but also a high social importance and responsibility as it is meant to increase the availability of medical and healthcare services, to improve the diagnostics capabilities of various diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases, to enhance the quality of life, to significantly increase the rate of healing and timely assistance.


Chat with us:

Telegram channel: t.me/elcoin_io

BitcoinTalk: www.bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2360707.0

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