this is my favorite site find in quite a while (basically since the 90’s lol). also the curator is an extremely adorable person, j$.

for those who remember dialing up via AOL back in the late 90’s, this was basically EVERY SITE on the Web at the time. lol it’s rare you see a coder take the time to create a throwback site. this is where CODING becomes ART. and THIS IS WHY I USED TO LOVE H.E.R. but now i’ve gotta make her work for me.

i wish i found enough time in the day to code at this level, but the past 4 years have shown me i can’t keep up with it. i’ll always toy with the Web out of hobby, but now that i’m getting comfortable in my position as a marketing strategist i gotta be honest, i could see a future where i don’t code anymore.

luckily, as computer programming becomes more automated, we won’t have to. there are apps and design techniques now to simplify the process of coding down to drag and drop (but i’ll always take the time to learn the fundamentals of an artistic or scientific theory before experimenting in it).