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At least the “trending” narrative has now dropped the contention that United Airlines overbooked the flight. They didn’t.

  1. What they did was send a replacement flight crew to take the place of another crew which was unable (illness?) to fly a plane going out of Louisville. If they don’t send the replacement crew, all of the Louisville passengers have a severly delayed departure. Surely no one is claiming that would have been a good thing.
  2. Lacking sufficient volunteers (one report I saw said the offer was $800, not $1,000), someone had to be directed to leave.
  3. I have seen no claims that the “random” selection among the cattle class passengers was not fair. Someone drew the short straw.
  4. When asked to vacate a premises by its owner, we are obliged to comply. If there are legal issues, that has to be thrashed out with civil suits at a later time. Failing to vacate a premises when directed by the owner constitutes tresspass.
  5. If an owner orders someone to vacate the premises, it is the job of police to enforce the order. Further, it is a crime to refuse to comply with a legal order from police. Again, disputes can be taken up later. The passenger was lucky not to have been arrested on the spot.
  6. The behaviour of the passenger, David Dao, was bizarre. In his place, I might have been angry too. However, as a responsible adult, I have learned the need to handle adversity and disappointment with a degree of self-control. Maybe even a little dignity if I can muster it. Apparently, Dr. Dao missed that lesson.
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