I know what “ad hominem” means, and have probably known that longer than you have been alive.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Don’t be silly, Victoria, ad hom is common usage and anyone familiar with the concept would know it. So … either you are ignorant about the concept, or you were feigning ignorance. Either way, you engaged in the practice and, if you do know what ad hom refers to, then what does it say about you that you would indulge in it?

So … back to business. You are now dodging your dodges, and you are starting to suspect that you actually know very little about the reality of your idol, Ms Hillary. For example, exactly what is her history regarding “free trade” agreements, and what have been the results of her efforts? You may also be aware that Democrat wars (broken bodies, all that sort of thing) don’t mean much to you. If it’s Bush, it’s bad; if it’s Slick Willie, Hillary, and Obama, it isn’t worth your attention. Maybe not, but so far, it’s not looking good for you.

Now, it is possible that you are a better person than that, a caring and honest person. In that case, you are ignorant about a lot of things, but maybe you have been too busy with personal stuff to worry about what is happening in the wider world. Note … that is no ad hom, that is an open-ended question.

If you want to talk about reality, feel free to show me your stuff. If you are satisfied being a HuffPost/MotherJones pseudo liberal, complaining that poor Hillary was done wrong, then just say so.

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