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Good grief, “scholars of authoritarianism”, a “ThinkProgress” selected gaggle of same, amazingly only those who spout the requisite clickbait evidence-free opinionating. Does our author, Mr. Salhani, savor the humor in all of that. Not that “authoritarianism” is not a serious matter. The U.S. has for decades embraced authoritarian regimes, to the detriment of world welfare, so we must have a lot of “authoritarianism” experts available to choose among … in order to obtain the desired vapidities.

I think those “scholars” might want to start with the House of Saud, or maybe the Khalifa clan. Bosom buddies of America, their tolls of deaths and oppression notwithstanding. Great friends of the Bush family, and blood brothers to Mr. Obama in the creation and funding of outfits like al-Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra, and ISIS.

Somehow, they escape scrutiny on these pages, as do a series of American “leaders”, especially when they have “Democrat” following their names.

One wonders whether there are any “ThinkProgress” writers with any integrity, or were they weeded out long ago?

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