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“If they had played a little more hardball and stuck to a truly progressive platform in words and actions …”

Obviously, Ken, that would not have been possible for the Clintons, or for almost every single official in the Democratic Party, since none of them are “progressive” in any way. You seem to have some grasp of their corruption, and yet you adhere to the DP anyway. That is odd.

Even more odd is your position regarding ethical principles. Of course you don’t care about my “opinion” about your “morality” since you have told yourself you don’t need that anymore.

“I’m not proud of reaching the limit of my old principles. I gave up on protecting my ego in the face of needed change a while ago.”

What does your “ego” have to do with anything, Ken? Principles don’t have “limit[s]”. You either have them or you don’t. You are telling us that stifling free speech, violence toward political opponents, cheating and lying, creating false narratives like we see here in the constant parade of “ThinkProgress” articles … all of that is just fine with you.

You have decided that … THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

Pooh, Ken. You don’t even know what ENDS you are wanting to enforce. I suppose it’s a good thing that you are politically impotent.

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