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Lol, Andre, your analogy was embarrassing since it opened a door that you didn’t want to be part of the message you were trying to shape with weak sarcasm. That makes it a mistake.

I see that you don’t dispute the notion that Hillary is keen on war and promised to start her regime with efforts to “confront” large, well-armed nations. Most decent folk would be glad that she won’t get the chance. Does that thrill at other people being sent to war hold true for you as well, or do you just not care about such unseemly matters?

And I see that you are a jump-to-conclusions kind of guy. That is vapid. Lol, maybe you ought to “use your brain”.

P.S. And Andre, if you are going to quote me, do it honestly and don’t invent dialogue. It is dishonest, and childish. You ought to know better.

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